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Fast Paced

Technology is moving at an incredible pace. Even for those of us in the industry the rate at which technology changes can make your head spin. So for those who don’t have the time or the expertise outsourcing your technology just makes sense.

I Already Have An IT Guy.

Our managed IT service can bring an outsourced technology team or simply help augment your current IT department by providing day-to-day IT support for your employees and infrastructure. We help make your in-house technology team the rock stars of the organization by cost-effectively offering IT support to you and your team in a number of ways:  we can provide you with an experienced team professionals, additional tools, add-on reporting, network support, and project management/delivery so you can focus on tasks that will help grow the business and increase profitability.

Predictable Costs

We can lower cost by 40% versus in-house IT. Our managed IT services are priced on as a fixed monthly fee based on the number of employees in your organization.

Service Level Agreements

We provide standard service level agreements (SLA) to ensure you receive the level of support you are accustomed to. Most issues are resolved with a single call to our ServiceDesk via remote support. If the issue warrants, we will send and engineer on site to resolve the problem immediately.

Extensive Experience

The Veneratus team brings an experience to the table that could only be developed from years of hard work in the industry.

Quarterly Audits and Reporting

Every quarter will run our network audit to verify your systems are running smoothly. We deliver the findings in an executive report for you to keep as internal documentation.

Complete Device Support

Veneratus Managed support covers all of your devices from PC to Mac to iPad to Android. No matter what vendor you prefer, we support it!

Backups / Disaster Recovery

Even with a full time staff it is hard to verify backups are successful. So Veneratus manages this process for you along with the added ability of disaster recovery and business continuity.

Veneratus Corporation
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Veneratus is a privately owned technology solutions provider that offers managed IT services including fanatical proactive support, business continuity and disaster recovery services, colocation services, and cloud services for any sized business. Centrally located in Cranford, NJ we are close to New York City and travel to locations beyond. Over 60 years of combined experience, our partners will bring a new class of service and excellence to any engagement. Call us today to find out how we can be of service.

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